Breakfast Matters

So far we have had a great week.  This morning I am still 160.4 pounds, Jesse is 224.8 pounds.  We have worked out 4 days so far this week.  3 days in the gym.  I focus on cardio, Jesse splits his time there between cardio and weights.  Yesterday we ran 4 miles on the Centenial Trail.  Our dog Wiggles came along.  She loves out door runs!

To get us started on the right foot I am trying to fill our stomachs with something that is going to last a while.  Jesse NEEDS flavor and NEEDS to feel full.  Today We tried out these breakfast sandwiches. 

I used smaller plates, and left Jesse’s all spread out and let him put it together.  The presentation and set up of food did three things for him; slowed him down so he spent more time interacting witht he food, it visually appeared to be more due to plate size and also because the food was spread out and the most important thing! he couldn’t use jam on the bread!  Usually when there is toast involved it cues him to the jam… Which is just a sugary mess! The ingrediants for Jesse’s sandwich are Sara Lee Delightfull bread= (2 points plus), 3 slices of hickory smoked baccon=  (3 points plus), 1 fat free Cheese Head string cheese (1 point plus), 2 eggs=  (4 points plus), and 1 tbsp of butter (1 point plus).  I also included a little bowl of grapes and blueberries.  Fruits are free on the new weight watchers points plus program and makes us fuller!  Jesse doesn’t get enough fruit and veggies in his diet.  One last trick… I set out a BIG glass of ice water to avoid him helping himself to a big glass of milk or juice.  Jesse’s sandwich added up to 11 points plus.  After eating he asked why mine was so much less in points.  (YAY!) He decided that next time he could forgo 1 slice of baccon, and 1 egg white… but he is keeping his butter!

I made some changes for my sandwich, as I need less to lose weight.  My sandwich had 2 slices of baccon, 1 whole egg and 1 egg white (I had just wanted 2 egg whites, but I am not that talented witht he egg cracking thing…) and I did not use butter on my bread.  I included a tomato on my sandwich as well.  Jesse hates tomatoes… He is missing out! My sandwich totaled 7 points plus.  It would have been 6 had I not added the darn extra egg yolk.

After breakfast I got to thinking… I am on summer vacation and have plenty of time to make a yummy breakfast sandwich, but could I do this when I am back in school?  The answer is YES!  Baccon can be cooked ahead of time and re-heated (mcdonalds cooks their baccon 3 days ahead of time!!!) and I have also discovered that eggs can be prepared in the microwave with NO change to flavor.  These changes would make this breakfast food totally doable when pressed for a bit more time.  Waking up 10 minutes earlier would also help.


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