My non-food reward

Weight loss seems to take forever.  It is good to have check points along the journey to keep the focus and to feel like there is a progression.  At each check point there should be a reward, a non-food reward.  If the reward is food it sets up a bad relationship with food.  No foods are “bad” foods, and on our program no foods are “off-limits” as long as we have the points for them.  So, here is my first check point:

I really want to get my hair done.  I have serious grow out and need a cut badly.  The first weekend of July Jesse and I are planning a road trip to visit some friends on the coast and I would love to have my hair cute for the trip.  So, my mini goal is to be under 156 pounds by the end of the month.  If I attain that goal I get to go to the most wonderful hair place in Spokane 14th and Grand.  They are a little spendy, but I love their work.  They do a ton of continuing education and are always seeking perfection. 

It is also important to set realistic goals.  I plan to lose 2 pounds by next saturday which will be June 18th… that would put me at 158.5 pounds.  I plan to lose another 2 pounds by the saturday after that which will be June 25th… putting me at 156.5 pounds.  and hopefully I will lose 1 pound by Thursday the 30th of June… putting me at 155.5  pounds.  Leaving me time to get my hair did. 

To lose 2 pounds each week I will need to be super focused on staying under my weight watchers points and getting daily activity to boost myself along the way. 

Wish me strength and luck…


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