Salad dressing trap

For lunch I made Jesse and myself salad, soup and cut up some fruit.  We ate pretty much the same meal, but with a few differences.  Jesse’s salad had 12 crutons which equate to 2 points plus and he had a different salad dressing.  Jesse’s dressing of choice was Spice Bacon Ranch made by Hidden Valley (4 table spoons worth) measured up to be 9 points plus.  I went with Newman’s Balsamic Vinegerette Light (4 table spoons worth) which was only 2 points.  I was honestly shocked at the difference between the dressings.  I measured out each of these two dressings, showed them to Jesse, told him how many points plus each were…. and he still chose the 9 points over the 2.  Later in the day he was disappointed in not having more to eat, I pointed out to him that the dressing is mostly to blame.  I am not sure if the message I wanted him to get was received. 

My meal (on the left) equaled 8 points plus with the soup. Jesse’s with soup (not shown in picture) ended up being 17 points plus.

I couldn’t finish my lunch.  This was just too much food for me!  Jesse finished his, all but the tomatoes and cucumber I put in the salads….

As for exercise yesterday; I gardened for about 4 hours fighting the weeds that have enjoyed the crappy wet weather we have had the last few weeks.  Then in the evening Jesse, Wiggles and I walked 2.75 miles.  I know the exact distance because I use, if you don’t know already this is a FABULOUS site that lets you put your path into a map and calculates how far the distance is.  You can even make your path off-road!  Give it a try!


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