Welcome Monday

Jesse had drill for the Navy this weekend.  Did you know that the Navy caters for the reservist’s drill weekend?  Yup… they do… and this weekend was “family weekend” where various informational classes are held for the weekend warriors loved ones.   Of course the Navy wanted to show off a little for the fams.  Now, Jesse has been doing GREAT when at home, but at home there isn’t a buffet of food and a pile of limitless chocolate chip cookies.  My man couldn’t handle it, he went buck wild on the food and gained 4 pounds over the weekend.  2 days… 4 pounds… But! He is back on it today. 

Jesse ran 5.5 miles this afternoon.  He ran to the Rocket Bakery on Garland where I was doing some research on getting a children’s book published.  (I have spent countless hours at this coffee shop studying, if you ever need a place to get something done check it out.  It’s usually quite, the staff are nice and leave you alone to work, and usually the coffee is pretty tasty).  Also, this evening he lifted weights at the gym.  He stuck with his Weight Watchers point as well.  In fact, we came up with a solution for his ice cream weakness…. SMOOTHIES! 

A cup of blue berries, a cup of strawberries, a cup of fat-free milk and a cup of lite yogurt…. divided between 2 people equates to about 3 points each.  Jesse still has to add sugar to his, but all in all it is a much better choice than ice cream.

As for me, I am doing pretty darn good.  The scale budged… 159.3 pounds today.  (woot woot) I took wiggles for a short walk today (1 mile)… I ran to work in the rain (3 miles) and swam 1000 yards after work (little more than half mile). I have stayed within my points and am still hopeful to reach my mini goal of losing 2 pounds by Saturday.


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