Keep it going…

Jesse is doing great on day two of our second week of healthy efforts.  He  just left for the reserve center on his bike.  The center is about 5.5 miles from our house.  He has some paper work that needs to be done for a trip he is taking with the Navy at the end of July.  The sea bees will be going to West Virginia to build a boy scout camp for 2 weeks.  He is pretty excited about it.  He gets a hotel room with cable TV (we do not have T.V. at home) and he gets to play with heavy equipment to actually DO something. 

Breakfast for Jesse this morning cost him 13 points plus.  I made the mistake of asking how he wanted his eggs… scrambled, with ham in them.  He had 2 whole eggs (4 points) and 2 egg whites (0 points) , 2 oz of turkey ham (2 points), 2 slices of toast (2 points) which were smothered in butter (2 points) and lots of huckleberry jam (3 points).

For my breakfast I opted for 3 egg whites (1 point) and 2 slices of Sara lee delightful bread, toasted and plain (2 points).  I am going to head out to the garden and do some more weeding.  The sun is out, and with the way the weather has been acting I must jump on the opportunity to be outdoors before it leaves and the rain finds its way back! booo climate change.


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  1. Just found your blog… Liked the way you referred to Jesse’s breakfast as “costing” . I think it’s good to think of “points” in terms of cost/money… hmmm, how much do I want to spend for breakfast, lunch and dinner?



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