This morning I made Jesse another breakfast sandwich. I omitted his egg yolks without telling him.  I put the turkey ham on top of the 3 lovely egg whites, followed by a shredded up fat-free string cheese.  The turkey ham masked the egg flavor and he had no idea that the yolks were missing.  I saved him 3 points by doing this.  Also, because the breakfast was a sandwich we avoided the jam.  He asked for the jam actually… I informed him it was a sandwich… he asked “can’t I have an open-faced sandwich and put jam on one piece of toast?”, I just replied, “It’s a regular sandwich”… and I pointed out the blue berries with a teaspoon of sugar on them.  I discovered that 1 teaspoon of sugar actually equates to ZERO points, and all fruit is free… fabulous jam replacement.  As always, I set out a glass of ice water to help him avoid drinking milk or juice. 

After the food was gone Jesse asked how many points he had used.  He was surprised that today’s breakfast was just 7 points.  I informed him that yesterday’s was 13 points.  I showed him the food log from yesterday as I filled out todays.


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