Skinny on the outside, fat on the inside

I am a fat person.  I may achieve an exterior that makes me appear to be skinny, but on the inside I will always be fat.  The way I view food, the way I react to food, what I associate food with are all things that will be with me for life.  Those naturally skinny people experience food differently than I do.  In order for me to live a happy, healthy and fit life I need to always remember this.  Once I am physically where I want to be I cannot relax.  If I do relax the naturally fat person will find its way to the surface. 

Think of someone who is an addict.  They will ALWAYS be an addict even if they have stopped using drugs.  They can NEVER let their guard down, or they will once again start using.  Studies show that addiction has genetic factors and is a disease.  I believe some people who are fat are fat because that is who they are.  Like the addict, the fat person must over come a huge obstacle to not be unfit and unhealthy. 

I am not making excuses for fat people.  We don’t make them for addicts.  We as a society think that addicts should suck it up, quit hurting those around them and live a clean, drug free life.  We should expect the same for fat people.  Being fat puts us at risk for many health issues, it limits what we can and cannot do in life, and YES it negatively affects people around us.


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