Baking… without gaining!

It seems as though every time there is a family event or get together I feel like baking something for the fiesta.  This weekend is Father’s Day, and the family is getting together for a Pig Roast BBQ at my parents place.  A perfect time for some baked goods.

The problem is when I bake I like to taste.  A little bit of cookie dough here and there…tasting a cookie to make sure the batch isn’t burn… or to make sure they are done enough… lick off the mixer thingies before throwing them in the sink… you know what I mean.  There is NO way to track weight watchers points when tasting the whole process long.  SO!  To set my self up for success I decided that I would fulfill my baking needs with a few apple pies.  Fruits are now free on the weight watchers program, as long as they have nothing added to them.

I cut up all the apples I would need first, and an extra one for snacking on.  After prepping the apples I began making the crust, which was a LONG and frustrating process.  I needed SEVERAL apple muching breaks.  See, if the crust is too thick the pie taste like yuck, if it is too thin then it is impossible to move the rolled out dough into the pie dish.  It literally took me 2 hours to get the crust done!  (I was struggling with transfering the rolled out crust to the pie dish.) It would have taken longer, but my mom came up with a fabulous trick.  We layed out freezer paper with the glossy side up, rolled out the dough, dusted the crust with flower, then rolled the dough around the rolling pin… picked it up and layed it neatly into the dish. 

The moral of this story… bake something with fruit!  Something you can not have a piece of untill the party.  At the party you will have your game face on and be able to see how much you are ACTUALLY eating.  Arent my pies lovely?  🙂


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