one forward… two back

Woah…. On fathers day my family had an awesome get together.  We roasted a whole 80 pound pig.  Family came, brought food to share and visited.  A good time was had by all.  I tried all the food… had about 4 desserts, 3 different types of potato salad, snacked on chips and cookies…. yum.  After that day I continued in a similar manner.  I completely FELL off my little wagon.  Jesse was able to bounce back. He has been trying to get me re-motivated.  Easy for him to say, being so big and a male he can eat double what I can.  He can eat things that I cannot… if I want to feel full and satisfied for a full day that is. 

BUT… Here is what it comes down to: I have been the weight I want to be and not too long ago.  When I am at my goal weight I feel AMAZING.  I can wear clothes I want to wear.  I feel in control of my eating. I am confident.  I need to get back to that feeling.  So, here we go again.  Another new start day.

I have decided to start a training program from Women’s Running magazine to give me motivation.  I did the first run yesterday; 2 miles.  It was VERY hard to do.  It is so strange to me how I can feel like running 13.1 miles the 2nd week of May and now the last week of June arrives and 2 is just awful.  The rest of my workouts for the week are as follows: Tues: 4 miles, Wed: cross train or 2 miles, Thur: 4 miles, Fri: rest, Sat: 6 miles, Sun: rest. 

Here we go.  Game face.


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