Cabbage Soup Days 1-5

I am actually on day 5 right now of the Cabbage Soup Diet, but I will give you my thoughts about the past few days as well.

Day 1. Instructions:Cabbage soup plus as much fruit as you like, excluding bananas

On this day I ate about 4 bowls of my soup. 5 plums, 2 nectarines, an apple and some frozen mixed fruit.  I liked this day.  I was excited to get going on this experiment and see what it could do.  The soup tasted great.  I added some fun spices to make it extra tasty.  I also LOVE fruit.  I felt in control and everything was groovy. Also, I ran 4 miles on this day. The run felt pretty good and I didn’t notice any differences in my running.

Day 2. Instructions: Cabbage soup plus vegetables including 1 baked potato with a little butter.

 I didn’t lose any weight starting this day out, and was up a pound at the end of the day.  I ate 3 bowls of the soup, still pretty tasty but started to not want to eat the cabbage in the soup.  I didn’t eat any other veggies other than what was in the soup.  I cooked my potato in the microwave (well actually i cooked 3 small potatoes because they were not regular sized.) I added just a little butter.  It was so delicious!  On this day I really wanted other foods but still felt in control and happy about the plan. 

Day 3. Instructions: Cabbage soup plus fruit and vegetables excluding potatoes and bananas.

Starting this day out I had lost 3 pounds, but ending the day was right back at my starting weight.  I was very sad this day because I thought it was the banana and milk day.  I love bananas and I also love milk.  I had even gone out the night before and picked just the right bananas.  Once I figured out that I got the days mixed up I just kept going with the plan and didn’t let the error rattle me.  I ate about 5 bowls of soup through this day and had to make a new pot.  I also had a bunch of frozen fruit.  I tried to make a smoothie out of ice, water and frozen fruit… yeah….. not so much. I also ran 6 miles this day.  The run felt GREAT! I made sure to eat some fruit before and after the workout.

Day 4. Instructions: cabbage soup plus up to eight bananas and as much skimmed milk as you like. 

I bought new bananas because the bananas that I had purchased were now too ripe to taste perfect and I really need the best flavor possible because my soup was not as tasty as it used to be.  I ate all 8 of my bananas and did not measure my milk because the plan said to have what I wanted.  I tried to not go over board but indulged a bit.  I only ate 2 bowls of soup.  I went swimming  for about a half an hour and had no issues exercising. 

Day 5. Instructions: Cabbage soup plus up to 10 ounces of beef and up to six tomatoes.

This is where I am at today.  I ate 2 bowls of soup today, 3 oz of stir fry beef and ended the day with 7 oz of the most tasteful steak.  The steak was plain, but juicy and it made my mouth water like crazy!  I thought the beef would up set my stomach after not eating meat for so many days, but I was fine.  I attempted to run 3 miles today.  My legs felt extremely heavy and I got some cramping in my calf and hamstring.  I ended up walking about half of the time.  Today has been harder in the craving department.  I keep thinking about eating.  I am craving things I normally do not crave, like chilli and saltine crackers! I weighed my self and am down 3 pounds again.  If this plan works I would have expected to be less at this point in the diet plan.  Perhaps I do not have enough water weight to lose? Maybe most of the weight loss happens in the last few days?  A temporary loss of 3 pounds would not make this week worth it.  I need to be down 7 or more to feel the difference. I will let ya know how it goes.


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