Cabbage Soup Diet- Day 6 Continued

Well, it is the end of day six.  This has been the most difficult day so far.  I have been fighting all day to not go on a total binge!  I don’t even feel hungry, I am just pulled to consume mass quantities of carbohydrates and sweets.  Also, my brain is working noticeably slower.  It is difficult to stay tuned in to conversations.  On top if it all, I am making an ice cream cake for my mom’s birthday tomorrow, I seriously want to bury my face in the ingredients and rejoice in the sweet sugary goodness!  I need some gum to keep a minty flavor flowing in my mouth, and I am out. 

I was supposed to run 5 miles today to fulfill my scheduled workout plan, but seeing as how I struggled with 3 miles yesterday and today I am shaky from not eating much decided to cut out this one. 

So far today I have eaten a half bowl of soup (I just don’t want to eat it!) and about 4 oz of beef.  I weighed myself 3 times today.  In the morning I was down 3 pounds, in the middle of the day I was down 4 and now in the evening I am down 3.  Hopefully tomorrow I will start off the day 4 pounds down and fluctuate to 5 pounds down.


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