Bright bike shirts

I am sitting here looking at my new bike, (it had to sleep in side last night because the garage seemed too unfriendly). 

 When I did my first sprint triathlon two years ago I trained for it as best as I knew how.  I swam a lot, knowing that I am a stronger swimmer than most and wanted to up my lead on the non-swimmers.  I ran a lot, because it was the part I feared the most.  I hated running back then.  I essentially skipped over the bike… because… well, I had been riding a bike since I was 5 and you can always coast if you get tired.  Oops.

I was the 5th girl out of the water, transitioned well, hopped on my bike and every few minutes was passed by someone.  The 12 miles was horrible!  It was the longest portion of the tri, the little hills killed me, and people who looked way less athletic than me were zooming by me.  After I FINALLY finished the bike portion, I started in on the 3 mile jog… my legs didn’t wanna work, running seemed so ridiculous!  One or two people passed me during the run. My lead didn’t help me much I finished mid pack. 

I have done 4 more sprint triathlon and sadly the bike is still an issue.  I want to become one of those really cool biker people!  I want to take the weakness and make it a kick ass strength!  I now have a bike that should help me get started (there went that excuse), I purchased a pair of those fancy pants with the pad in the butt (cus my ass EATS the seat!), and now I am thinking I need one of those ridiculously bright, crazily designed shirts.   I think the power is in the shirt, it will make me go faster.  What do you think?


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