Soften butter quickly

Tip: How to Soften Butter QuicklyI am making a few more batches of cookies to send out to sailors my husband went to boot camp and/or school with.  However, the husband is getting fat from my cookie rampage.  So, He asked me to do this round while he is at work and get them sent out before he gets home.  I forgot to set the butter out to soften it and jumped online for a tip to do it quickly, as I have learned that microwaving your butter is s a sure way to eff up your cookies.  I found a great method… but totally smashed my fingers doing it.  Check out the site if you need to know how to soften butter quickly… but use caution and protect your fingers!  Go HERE to see it.

A comment left on the article suggested using a cheese grater to soften the butter up… I will try that one in the future too. Any other ideas?

Picture borrowed from Simply Recipes website.


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