Help Me Cook My Alligator Meat

Go to fullsize imageWe have been watching the first season of “Swamp People” through Netflix online.  This show is mostly about alligator hunting but the viewers also get the opportunity to see how people live off the swam in Louisiana.  Just about every animal found in the bayou is a food source for the families featured in the show. 

The History Channel has documented the families hunt, cook and eat various alligator dishes, catfish, crawdads, and frogs.  I decided I needed to get a little closer to the Cajun way of life and try a recipe.  My husband and I stopped in to a little meat shop/discount grocery store near our home (Bargain Giant on Crestline for all you Spokane people) and sure enough they were able to order some alligator meat for us!  It arrives tomorrow.  I have 2 pounds coming…. costing $11.99 a pound. 

I am not sure what I am going to try to make.  The net is FULL of recipes.  Can anyone suggest some that you have tried? I am thinking about cooking two dishes, just incase I mess up my expensive reptile meat in one. 

Gumbo? kabobs? Fried?  Whats good?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m not much of a cook but you can deep fry the meat and it kind of taste like chicken. It will be fun though to just try one of the recipes on the web and see how it goes. surprise meal of sort. Thanks for the visit.


    • Thanks for the comment! We are going to make 1 pound of it in to gumbo, and then deep fry the other pound. I am super excited for the cook out!


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