Puking and running

I puked during my run for the first time today.  The cause… poor eating.  I ate 4 regular sized oatmeal cookies and one of my HUGE chocolate chip cookies (which equates to about 4 regular cookies)…. THEN I took a nap.  After my nap my husband asked why I hadn’t done my long run yet.  He was hopefull that I would have it done before he came home from work.  In all honesty, my tummy was angry with me and I was considering ditching the run.  My husband’s matter-of-fact manner that didn’t even question my ability to accomplish my long run got me moving.  If I was going to suffer from eating cookies I might as well do it while running, right?  I puked at about the 2nd mile, then again at about the 6th.

Looking through my blog I noticed that half of my posts are about weight loss and exercise… while the other half is about cookies and other baking!  I have decided that I cannot be a cookie monster and an athlete.  I am, as I have been, 7-10 pounds heavier than I want to be.  Now, I know that is not much in the larger view of things, but in the running world that is a lot of extra poundage to be striking the ground with each foot fall. 

I have been having knee and foot pain since a little while before I ran my half marathon in May.  At that time i started upping my miles and was weighing in consistantly at 163 pounds.  Today after my run I was 156.8 pounds, and YES my knees and feet hurt during/after my run.  I ran 8 miles.  This was my first long run in preperation for the Spokane half marathon in October.  I have many more to go. I would like them to hurt less.  Therefore, I vow to not bake any treats until it snows!  I am going to re-focus on my original Weight Watchers plan.  I am going to do this.  Lets get 5 pounds off this month the right way, what do you say?


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