Warrior Dash, Washington

Jesse and I did the very first Warrior Dash held in Washington yesterday. The race was done in waves over two days in North Bend Washington, which is about 3.5 hours from Spokane.  I signed us up for the race back in March, it filled up some time in April.  I had wanted to sign us up for a Saturday wave but by the time I decided to take the plunge and pay the money only Sunday races were left.  This turned out to be a good thing because of weather.  It rained all day Saturday and was much colder than Sunday. 

The race was fun and had several perks.  For a $50 entry fee participants received a warrior dash cotton T-shirt, a fuzzy viking warrior helmet, a finisher’s medal and 1 free beer.  I, like most of the people in the race would have paid the money, and driven the three and a half hours just to play in the mud and do the obstacle course that was layed out over 3.5 miles of beautiful farm land.  Along with the free beer (which by the way there were 5 different types of beer to choose from) there were some pretty good musicians rocking out the entire time and people decked out in wild costumes were partying down all over the place. For a small fee there was more food and gear available to purchase, such as HUGE turkey legs for 6 bucks.

Even though the race was awesome there were some down sides.  We drive up to this huge parking area when first arriving… we pay $10 to park, which felt kind’a crappy as there was really no other option.  THEN we were shuttled to the place where the actual race happens, across the town.  The shuttles were big yellow school buses, which I must admit were kind of fun as the interior of the buses were finger painted all over the place with mud.  They PACKED the buses full, the isles were even full of standers.

Another down side was that the race really wasn’t that safe.  The course was riddled with ankle twisters in the areas that had vegetation, and the areas that did not have vegetation were muddy from the rain the day before and the constant trampling.  People were sliding all over the place.  A few people broke ankles just from running in the slippery/pot hole like conditions. 

The obstacles were pretty fun.  However, they too were pretty unsafe.  several of them were created out of two by fours and ply wood.  On a regular sunny July day they would have been fine.  In soggy North bend weather and a few thousand muddy bodies crawling over them they became a great place to lose footing and gain hurts.  One particular obstacle stands out in my mind.  The “teetering traverse”.  This obstacle was about 6 feet off the ground, and warrior dashers had to balance across boards to get to the other side.  We saw a rather unfit gal fall. Later we heard that one of the planks snapped in half with a group crossing the board at the same time, and another not so fit gal broke her arm.  Along with this obstacle there were walls we had to climb, made also of slippery wood, cargo nets, cars to jump over, fire to jump and of course mud to swim through. 

I had a blast.  I loved the challenge, I loved sharing this experience with my husband, I loved swimming in mud and jumping over fire.  I always love getting a medal and a T-shirt.  However there were a  lot of uncoordinated, un-athletic people in the race.  Several times I was afraid for my safety, and constantly afraid I would have the need to bust out my nursing school skills to do CPR on some pot-bellied warrior who had a heart attack and fell down the side of a cargo net while busting a bone through his shin amongst the mud and running crazies.  🙂 We signed a waiver though… so it’s all gravy baby! lol


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  1. That is one exciting adventure. Wish there is something like that in my area. that looks like a lot of fun. That turkey leg looks huge. It’s kind of funny of when you wrote being afraid of your safety because of some uncoordinated/un-athletic participants. great post.


    • Thanks for reading it! Runs like these are springing up all over the place. The Warrior Dash travels across the states. You should check out their website. Washington has half a dozen “mud” runs during the summer. Bet you have one near by…


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