The Difference Between a Runner and a Jogger

What is the difference between a runner and a jogger? 


I used to hate anything that resembled running for the sake of running.  The mile in PE class was a dreadful day.  However, I was an athlete.  I played basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer…. some rugby in college, but avoided running without the involvement of a team and a ball at all costs.  This changed slowly over the past few years.  I did some sprint triathlon, then decided that I enjoyed individual fitness, and strangely felt the need to run a half marathon.  My first road race was a 10 mile race…. skipped right over the whole 5k thing.  I knew I could run a 5k, it wouldn’t challenge me much and it would suck like running seemed to do.  But, a half marathon that would be something to be proud of.  A real challenge.

On Friday I did my first long run in my training program for my next half marathon.  During the run I got to thinking about what makes a person a “jogger” and what makes a person a “runner”.  When I talk about my work outs I call them “runs” not “jogs”.  I call my shoes “running shoes”.  I bought said shoes at a store called Runner’s Soul.  Does that make me a runner?

I wear tight spandex like shorts… not short running shorts…. because my legs are too grande and any shorts that have even a little bit of swoosh to them WILL ride up and I will end up with some serious chub rub.  Not wearing the typical running attire makes me feel like I am not a runner.  Not having slender legs makes me feel like I am not a runner. 

My workouts are generally pretty slow.  A good mile for me is anything under 10 minutes.  Don’t runners move faster?  But then again…. don’t runners run shorter distances?  Is it bad to be a jogger? Is the term “runner” in the eyes of the beholder?  I mean, to a person who hasn’t walked a mile in the last ten years what i do is extremely challenging.  To a guy on the college cross-country team I probably look to be just a smidge more athletic than the couch potato. 

A little help here?


One response to this post.

  1. I consider myself a runner regardless of speed, but the difference between a runner and a jogger is the speed they are moving… You should consider yourself a runner too cause that’s what you are!



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