Cherry Picker’s Trot, Green Bluff

Grower PhotoCherry harvest has begun in Green Bluff, wich is a farming community in north Spokane.  The cherry season is celebrated with many festivities, one of them is the annual Cherry Picker’s Trot. Though the trot has been around for 33 years this was my first year of participation.  On the Green Bluff website the trot was advertised to be 4 main activities; The pit spit, tot trot, hamburgers/hotdog feed and of course the 4 mile cherry picker’s trot.  All money made on the event went to help the community fire department.

The Pit Spit- this is a competition where cherry pits are spit for distance.  The record for men is currently sitting at 43’2″ and for women 32’9″.  Each competitor gets to spit 3 times. (3 free cherries!  woot woot!).  I figured that I could get pretty close to the record, seeing as how I am a competitor… and I am a very good spitter.  I should have practiced.  My technique just wasn’t getting the job done.  My farthest spit was 20’9″, which didn’t get it done.  Next year, I will be prepared.

The Tot Trot– Wanting to take full advantage of the festival I recruited a 4 year old boy, son of my good friend to come with me.  (I also brought two 6 year old boys, an 11 year old girl and my dad for a little adult back up).  The tot trot was a a short loop in the grass roped off with flags.  The kids were broken down in to age groups; 0-2, 3-4, and 5 year olds.  The little racers were super psyched, and ultra competitive.  I over heard little guys bragging about their speed and how they were going to win.  Just before the kids were let loose a surprise visitor came to help them run.  Otto!  The local baseball stadium mascot.  My little  competitor’s parents got married at the local baseball stadium, so you can bet he was super psyched to have such an honored guest to run with.  At the end of the event, each kid received a red ribbon.   I wanted one!

Hamburger and hot dog feed– for $5 people had the option to choose between 1 hamburger or 2 hot dogs.  They also received a bag of chips and a pop.  We fed 6 people with $20! Very nice. 

The Cherry Trot–  The fee to enter the race was $20 for a whole family (6 or less people), or $7 for an individual.  this did not include a shirt, which were offered for an additional fee.  Being a little on the broke side, I went for the family fee with no shirts.  If I had been on my own I probably would have gotten a shirt and ran the race.  With kids it would just be a walk, and not as t-shirt worthy.  The trot was a four mile loop around the rolling hills of farm land.  All of the kids did great!  I carried tired little legs on my back maybe a total of 1 mile. The walk was a challenge for my dad, due to diabetic foot surgeries, but he pushed himself to the end!  He was determined to not be last.  our finishing time was 1hr and 30min.  I am guessing the last walker made it over the finish line about 5 minutes after us. 

Other stuff–  It surprised me that the event included several other options for fun, if you had money to spend.  There were pony rides for $5, roping for $2, a ride on a little caterpillar train pulled by a man in a tractor for $2, for .50 kids could feed a dixy cup full of grain to some donkeys, there were snow cones, ice cream cones, pie, cherries to buy, extra shirts to buy…. and a band to listen to for free.  As you can guess, the kids wanted to do everything!  I had planned to buy them hot dogs, and that was it.  The begging was difficult, and I wished I had requested a little dough from their parents and would have if I had known so many things would be available to tempt children in to spending my money 🙂 .

My opinion– This was a FABULOUS event.  I think I would have really been able to enjoy the band, and enjoy the scenery of the race if I had been on my own or just with other adults.  I probably would have spent my $20 a little differently and obtained some of the delicious cherries we were all out celebrating.  Running would have been a bit less exhausting then kid corralling.  Going from 0 to 4 is a tough one to do in a crowd.


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  1. I haven’t experience cherry picking. It must be an amazing. Thanks for sharing. The festivity sounds like fun.


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