Who we are…

My name is Barbara, and this is my husband Jesse.  We are both struggling to re-gain our motivation for healthy living and fitness.  Jesse suggested we start a blog and make our efforts public in an attempt to hold ourselves accountable.  To keep us on the path we have set some goals for this blogging adventure. 

Jesse is currently holding 226 pounds on his 6’2″ frame.  He would like to get that down to 200 pounds… or have 10% body fat.  He has also agreed to train for the Spokane Half Marathon with me.  The half marathon is on October 9th.

As of this morning I am 160.5 pounds and am 5’6″ tall.  My goals are to get myself down to 145  pounds and to run the half marathon on October 9th.  I did the Windermere Half Marathon at the beginning of May, finishing with a time of 2hrs 21min.  For the Spokane Half Marathon I would like to finish 5 minutes faster and finish with less pain!… It doesn’t sound like much, but the Spokane half has 3 large hills and my last half left me feeling like I had the flu.

Our weight loss goals will be accomplished by the only strategy that works…. eat fewer calories than we burn. We will be working out daily and supporting each other along the way.


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  1. Posted by alpaul on July 16, 2011 at 4:50 am

    I wish you guys the best of luck in training towards your goals.


    • Thank you very much! Some times it is extremly easy to lose sight of goals… cookies have thrown me through a loop, but what matters now is only what happens next!


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