Puking and running

I puked during my run for the first time today.  The cause… poor eating.  I ate 4 regular sized oatmeal cookies and one of my HUGE chocolate chip cookies (which equates to about 4 regular cookies)…. THEN I took a nap.  After my nap my husband asked why I hadn’t done my long run yet.  He was hopefull that I would have it done before he came home from work.  In all honesty, my tummy was angry with me and I was considering ditching the run.  My husband’s matter-of-fact manner that didn’t even question my ability to accomplish my long run got me moving.  If I was going to suffer from eating cookies I might as well do it while running, right?  I puked at about the 2nd mile, then again at about the 6th.

Looking through my blog I noticed that half of my posts are about weight loss and exercise… while the other half is about cookies and other baking!  I have decided that I cannot be a cookie monster and an athlete.  I am, as I have been, 7-10 pounds heavier than I want to be.  Now, I know that is not much in the larger view of things, but in the running world that is a lot of extra poundage to be striking the ground with each foot fall. 

I have been having knee and foot pain since a little while before I ran my half marathon in May.  At that time i started upping my miles and was weighing in consistantly at 163 pounds.  Today after my run I was 156.8 pounds, and YES my knees and feet hurt during/after my run.  I ran 8 miles.  This was my first long run in preperation for the Spokane half marathon in October.  I have many more to go. I would like them to hurt less.  Therefore, I vow to not bake any treats until it snows!  I am going to re-focus on my original Weight Watchers plan.  I am going to do this.  Lets get 5 pounds off this month the right way, what do you say?


Peanut Butter Cookies (with Chocolate Chunks) (via Naomi eNotional)

Thinking Bout give’n these a try….

Peanut Butter Cookies (with Chocolate Chunks) I had a bit of free time this afternoon so I decided to bake a batch of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  I took the recipe from my copy of The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.  I don't often bake cookies as it can be quite difficult to get them soft and chewy like they're supposed to be, but these ones turned out lovely!  The trick is to not over-bake… Baked products harden as they cool, so if they look too soft when you take them out, d … Read More

via Naomi eNotional

Help Me Cook My Alligator Meat

Go to fullsize imageWe have been watching the first season of “Swamp People” through Netflix online.  This show is mostly about alligator hunting but the viewers also get the opportunity to see how people live off the swam in Louisiana.  Just about every animal found in the bayou is a food source for the families featured in the show. 

The History Channel has documented the families hunt, cook and eat various alligator dishes, catfish, crawdads, and frogs.  I decided I needed to get a little closer to the Cajun way of life and try a recipe.  My husband and I stopped in to a little meat shop/discount grocery store near our home (Bargain Giant on Crestline for all you Spokane people) and sure enough they were able to order some alligator meat for us!  It arrives tomorrow.  I have 2 pounds coming…. costing $11.99 a pound. 

I am not sure what I am going to try to make.  The net is FULL of recipes.  Can anyone suggest some that you have tried? I am thinking about cooking two dishes, just incase I mess up my expensive reptile meat in one. 

Gumbo? kabobs? Fried?  Whats good?

Soften butter quickly

Tip: How to Soften Butter QuicklyI am making a few more batches of cookies to send out to sailors my husband went to boot camp and/or school with.  However, the husband is getting fat from my cookie rampage.  So, He asked me to do this round while he is at work and get them sent out before he gets home.  I forgot to set the butter out to soften it and jumped online for a tip to do it quickly, as I have learned that microwaving your butter is s a sure way to eff up your cookies.  I found a great method… but totally smashed my fingers doing it.  Check out the site if you need to know how to soften butter quickly… but use caution and protect your fingers!  Go HERE to see it.

A comment left on the article suggested using a cheese grater to soften the butter up… I will try that one in the future too. Any other ideas?

Picture borrowed from Simply Recipes website.

Bright bike shirts

I am sitting here looking at my new bike, (it had to sleep in side last night because the garage seemed too unfriendly). 

 When I did my first sprint triathlon two years ago I trained for it as best as I knew how.  I swam a lot, knowing that I am a stronger swimmer than most and wanted to up my lead on the non-swimmers.  I ran a lot, because it was the part I feared the most.  I hated running back then.  I essentially skipped over the bike… because… well, I had been riding a bike since I was 5 and you can always coast if you get tired.  Oops.

I was the 5th girl out of the water, transitioned well, hopped on my bike and every few minutes was passed by someone.  The 12 miles was horrible!  It was the longest portion of the tri, the little hills killed me, and people who looked way less athletic than me were zooming by me.  After I FINALLY finished the bike portion, I started in on the 3 mile jog… my legs didn’t wanna work, running seemed so ridiculous!  One or two people passed me during the run. My lead didn’t help me much I finished mid pack. 

I have done 4 more sprint triathlon and sadly the bike is still an issue.  I want to become one of those really cool biker people!  I want to take the weakness and make it a kick ass strength!  I now have a bike that should help me get started (there went that excuse), I purchased a pair of those fancy pants with the pad in the butt (cus my ass EATS the seat!), and now I am thinking I need one of those ridiculously bright, crazily designed shirts.   I think the power is in the shirt, it will make me go faster.  What do you think?

chocoloate whoaes…

Jesse suffered from my cookie adventure last week.  He was so focused…and was derailed by the constant sugary delights about the home while I searched for the perfect recipe.  I didn’t struggle because I was following the Cabbage Soup Diet, and when there is a strict plan I generally step up to the challenge.  He weighed in at 228 this evening. 

I was 156 tonight.  Not too much of the weight I lost during my cabbage adventure has returned.  Yet.

I purchased my first road bike today!  It is a Specialized Dolce Sport.  Its red and white and shiny. 🙂  It will hopefully help me keep my lead after the sim in my sprint triathlon.  (always lose soooo much ground during the bike).  Tomorrow I am going to take it out for its first real ride.  Only a week and a half before the Race The River triathlon!  and less than a week to the Warrior Dash in North Bend!  Super excited to play in the mud!  Jesse…. not so much.

End of the Cabbage Soup Diet

This morning I am 155.3 pounds.  A total loss of 5 pounds in 7 days.