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The Difference Between a Runner and a Jogger

What is the difference between a runner and a jogger? 


I used to hate anything that resembled running for the sake of running.  The mile in PE class was a dreadful day.  However, I was an athlete.  I played basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer…. some rugby in college, but avoided running without the involvement of a team and a ball at all costs.  This changed slowly over the past few years.  I did some sprint triathlon, then decided that I enjoyed individual fitness, and strangely felt the need to run a half marathon.  My first road race was a 10 mile race…. skipped right over the whole 5k thing.  I knew I could run a 5k, it wouldn’t challenge me much and it would suck like running seemed to do.  But, a half marathon that would be something to be proud of.  A real challenge.

On Friday I did my first long run in my training program for my next half marathon.  During the run I got to thinking about what makes a person a “jogger” and what makes a person a “runner”.  When I talk about my work outs I call them “runs” not “jogs”.  I call my shoes “running shoes”.  I bought said shoes at a store called Runner’s Soul.  Does that make me a runner?

I wear tight spandex like shorts… not short running shorts…. because my legs are too grande and any shorts that have even a little bit of swoosh to them WILL ride up and I will end up with some serious chub rub.  Not wearing the typical running attire makes me feel like I am not a runner.  Not having slender legs makes me feel like I am not a runner. 

My workouts are generally pretty slow.  A good mile for me is anything under 10 minutes.  Don’t runners move faster?  But then again…. don’t runners run shorter distances?  Is it bad to be a jogger? Is the term “runner” in the eyes of the beholder?  I mean, to a person who hasn’t walked a mile in the last ten years what i do is extremely challenging.  To a guy on the college cross-country team I probably look to be just a smidge more athletic than the couch potato. 

A little help here?


Windermere Half Marathon, Spokane

This Half Marathon was in May.  After the race I felt like I had the flu!  It was the FIRST hot day we had, and none of my training was done in the heat.  My body was angry with me to say the least.  The Spokane Half Marathon is in October.  It will hopefully be cooler, I will hopefully be a bit lighter.  However, the Spokane Half Marathon will include several hills.  The Windermere did not.  The hills have me pretty freaked out.  I think I will start running the largest hill of the race every other week, just to take away the intimidation factor. 

It was a big deal for me to commit to running a half marathon.  It was then a big deal for me to actually start running on the treadmill.  It was a big deal for me when I started running out side, a very difficult transition for me to make.  It was a big deal for me to line up on the starting line and to get my medal at the end.  Now… Hills.  Hills.  Me. Yikes!

Jesse is going to do the half marathon in October too.  I am excited for him too.  I am afraid for him though.  He isn’t really following a training program.  He runs some.  He lifts some.  Maybe I should remind him of the super ginormous hills???